The Lyell Ave. Area 230 Group is a grassroots organization working to reduce street prostitution in the Lyell Ave. neighborhood. The group is composed of neighborhood businesses, property owners, residents, and organizations such as Interfaith Action, Grace Urban Ministries, Charles Settlement House, and local government agencies.

Our efforts are targeted to the area bounded on the east by the Genesee River, on the west by the city of Rochester border, on the south by Interstate 490, and on the north by Lexington Ave.

In addition to implementing a public marketing campaign, the Lyell 230 Group has members working on other issues related to the problem of street prostitution:
  • We are seeking resources for treatment of the addictions that face most prostitutes.
  • We are continuing to seek changes to strengthen New York State‚Äôs prostitution laws.
Our name references section 230 of the New York State Penal Law that designates prostitution as a class B felony. The group is funded through grants from the city of Rochester and the Greater Rochester Health Foundation.